Jewelry care

Let's be honest, nothing lasts forever like solid gold. Crystal Garden thrives off of quality and we try our best to bring everyone just that. However, Crystal Garden can not guarantee a time limit on how long a piece will last as it is up to each person and how you care for it. Keep in mind most items are gold plated with a thin layer of gold coating a base metal, gold filled which is composed of a solid layer of gold mechanically bonded to a base metal, or gold vermeil consisting of a thick gold layer covering sterling silver as the base metal. The life expectancy of gold plated, filled, and vermeil materials tend to last a lot longer than costume jewelry but he rate of which things will tarnish depends on different variables like hot weather conditions, water, body chemistry like how acidic your skin is, how much you sweat, etc.

We have listed some major keys to ensuring the longest life expectancy on your pieces!



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