A little about the brand

Curated for a positive mind and lifestyle! 

Crystal Garden has been a work in progress for me for the past few years. I started because faith, spirituality, crystals, stones, energy, and vibes are all something that I’ve been drawn to since I was a baby. I would put it down from time to time but there was always something that brought me right back to it in some shape, form, or fashion.

Through Crystal Garden, my main goal was to showcase various crystals and stones in a functional day to day style but as life handed me lemon trees I had to grow through my process and my goal became much bigger and deeper than just the surface. I knew I wanted to offer the world my spin on self love and care because we are all human and life is a feeling process and it's something we need to thrive as individuals. 

My mom always told me since a young age, “Where thoughts go, energy flows!” I believe everyone has the power, within, to manifest greatness with every thought, idea, dream, goal etc. It’s all about perspective and having the motivating tools to succeed. We just have to pray, believe, and harness that power!


I wear my stones and crystals as a daily reminder that I too have that power and to continue to be true to myself in all ways, care for myself when I need to, love myself flaws and all, and to be patient with myself because I’m human and growing through this crazy journey called life!

Every piece is curated from the heart for the heart.
There is no limit to energy and vibrations and with Crystal Garden I hope to share that in the best way that I can!